The blog has now officially grabbed 2000 eyeballs! For 11 posts and over the course of 2 months, this is quite a feat to achieve, at least for me.



I am well aware that even today, there are writers far better than me, blogs that work far far better and the genuine readers reading an article from start to end with rapt attention is quite low. I have made this blog after some experience of content writing for a local college website ( that got shut down, and the people simply didn’t seem interested in having me). I am at a position where the reception that this blog gets is the only way for me to judge on how good I’m at writing. And it is the only platform where I can hone my skills.


The views are a proof that there are people at least interested in reading them, although I’d be much more happy if I get a feedback (positive or negative). I feel free here to write whatever I could, whatever I would and whatever I like. The “could” ones are the serious ones (like Mantri Report) which don’t get much views, but it’s challenging to write. The “would” ones are the Bollywood-related stuff that are the prime reason why I have started writing, and where ( I think) I am good at. And finally the “like” ones that don’t pertain to any category (like this post itself) but I can play around and see for the response. This freedom one doesn’t get if they are working under someone. Of course, one can try doing both. But I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.


The idea of a blog for a layman is where already established writers write stuff that requires an equally established reader to appreciate it. I, not being either, strive to keep the writing as simple as possible. I also try keeping specific audiences in mind for a particular post. That gives me new ways to promote the blog, to reach to those audience. Eventually, I hope to get some regular readers who would read every post of mine, without any need of promotion.


I would be happy to have bunch of people reading and commenting on my work than a large number of people just glancing and moving on. But to find the former, I have to deal with the latter.


So here’s to the 1000 views!
Vikhyath Kamath