PC : Deloitte – Placement Paper

Placements at MIT Manipal starts when the mighty Deloitte arrives. It’s been a tradition of sorts to open the season with this big 4 firm. The selects are chosen in bulk, and just within a day dozens of students get placed and are already out of the placement process (only exception being Internship offers). Last year, we saw a record number of 98 people getting placed instantly!

And there’s a reason for that. Deloitte is a consultancy firm and they are in the requirement of people who are not only smart and learn very promptly, but who are also good at their communication and presentation skills. Manipal is one of the few colleges which has such people, and which is why Deloitte just loves our college. And hence, we are showered with so many offers at once.

Deloitte is in no ways a hard nut to crack, but since there are literally thousands of people sitting for it, the selection has a degree of randomness to it. If luck is in your favour that day, here’s what you should focus on.


Your tryst with luck starts once you pass the OT. The results come out the polar opposite of what you expect. The highest GPA holder in the class might not have cracked it, but someone who barely studies might. If you do get in second round – Congratulations! You have a lot to read ahead. If you do not, don’t think about it. At all. Your selection neither speaks for your intellect, nor for your competence for the job. Blame it on the luck and move on for the next company.


The second round is where the biggest action takes place. Usually, it consists of Business Case Study given to a group which needs to be analyzed by all and reach to a solution for the problem given. They are better than your regular group discussion, as this is relevant to the profile you have applied for. You would find lots of content online to guide you through the case studies. If you’re really interested in getting this company, prepare well by using them.

As I said earlier, it was usual to have the case study round, but not all had it. For the profile of USI Tech Consulting during our batch, the company decided to throw a little googly and we were asked to give a JAM (Just-A-Minute) session. In this, you will be given a topic randomly. You will be given 30 seconds to think on it and a minute to speak about it. The topic will either be very general, or something very out of the box. Here are some of the topics that we got –

College National Tech Fest
Apple is your favourite fruit. Explain Why
Brain Drain
If I acquire superpower for a day what will I choose

Again, the topic would depend on whether fate really wants you to join the company. For both activities, your presentation and communication skills will be at check.


If you somehow manage to clear this round, the job is almost there in your hands. There’s HR interview after this in which they will ask you very basic questions. Like it’s a mandate for every interview prep, know anything and everything about whatever you have written in your resume. You can sail through this final round unless you goof up big time.

Deloitte placements is always considered an event in itself, considering it picks up a large number of people and reduces the competition for rest of the placements significantly. And it being the first experience of sitting for placements for all of you, it becomes all the more special.

Just go in and enjoy the process! All the best.