PC : Do’s and Don’ts during your process

If you’ve been wondering why placements are a huge deal for everyone, it is because they test all aspects and qualities in a person. Your brains are tested for both knowledge and wit, your patience is tested by making you wait endlessly, your physical capability is tested when you’re running from one place to other to attend classes in the midst of your placement, your punctuality, your ability to stay without eating for long, and the list goes on. Some of these aspects can never be changed, no matter how hard you try. But there are a few things that are always in your control, which you can improve upon if you are not good at it.

In this post, I will guide you through all the things you should keep in mind before, during and after your placement process.

Portal Sahiba: Your life partner, temporarily

That heading might be a bit exaggeration, but you should literally treat her like a spouse : remain in touch with her constantly, look for newly added companies for registration and keep updating your resume. (And let’s continue calling her Portal Sahiba. Lame, I know. But just to infuse some fun in these long posts.)

Registration is a crucial part of the process. If you miss the deadline for that, you will practically lose out on the opportunity for that job. Make it a routine every single day to check for new companies. I used to do that first thing in the morning (that is,after uselessly scrolling through instagram and facebook for a while).

It is important for you to know that it is an intranet portal. Which means you can access it without logging into an iOn account. And you can access it only through the campus WiFi network. So don’t panic if you are low on iOn balance or the portal is not loading and you are out of campus.

If you ever face problems with Sahiba, just shoot a mail at mitplacement.queries@gmail.com. May I also remind you that this is not a customer service desk and is most of the times run by people from your own batch. So it may take time to resolve your problem. Just hang in there. If the issue needs urgent addressing, head to the Placement Dept. ASAP.

The Pre-Process Prep

The day you enter your college for 7th semester, you have to be in your Placement Mode. You won’t be able to turn that off, until you get placed.

By Placement Mode, I mean the thoughts about placements should run through your mind every single time. If you’ve seen a company arriving for registrations and you don’t know much about it, then time should be spent in researching. If you have cleared the OT round and you have time before starting with the next, you should constantly prepare for it. Keep thinking about what more you can add in your CV, or how you can answer some general interview questions better. Most importantly, keep chattering with your folks about the happenings. That will be your greatest help.

There are a million things more, but you got the drift. You want to chase for that job with all your might. And that chase ends only when you get placed.

Apart from these mental tasks, there is the physical check list as well. Most of the times, you will be called for the process along with copies of CVs and photographs (although this might change now as far as I have heard) and along with that, copies of 10th, 12th and all semester grade sheets . So make sure you always have them filed neatly and preferably kept in your bag. It’s better if you have two sets of formals, in case you happen to send one to laundry and need them the next morning. And however early your process might start – PLEASE. DRESS. WELL! It’s not only because people expect you to, but it’s also for yourself. The formal clothing gives you the aura and confidence that you need for the day. I know, Manipal heat can be harsh and it is no way comfortable to roam with . But you have to give your sweat to this, right? Even in the literal sense?

And last but not the least – carry some snacks and a bottle of water all the time. Some processes goes on for hours and hours, and they expect you to stay there till the very end. These food items may come in handy then.

While Going through the process

Online Tests usually happen days before the panel from company  comes here. I have explained you already in this post about the prep you need for the test. You don’t need any formals when you give the test but they are held in the academic buildings so you know the dress rules for that. Be on time for the test (DUH!) and carry a nice stack of rough sheets along with you. And, a pen of course. Calculators are not allowed. It sucks to depend on your brain again for all the math after using calc rigorously for 3 years. But that’s how it goes.

Then there is the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT). It’s where you actually get to know the company where you are seeking a job. That’s where you get to see the panelists for the first time, get to know them and you, as a batch, are giving them your first impression.

And yet, most people avoid attending the talks and I still don’t understand why! You are willing to work with the company for months and years, but you don’t want to spend a few minutes understanding what the company actually does!? Initially, there will be a huge enthusiasm within you and the PPTs will be packed with students. But as more and more companies come, many just lose interest and don’t show up. I remember the Delloite PPT held in Library Auditorium (where most of the PPTs will be held) was filled to its capacity and people were standing at the back. Months later, when an MRC arrived (which also had huge registrations), the turnout was less than half of what I saw that day. I can go on with the rant, but all I want to stress here is – PPTs are very crucial and important! And unless you have a valid reason to skip it, you really shouldn’t.

But mere attending also won’t be enough. You have to appear interested. Hell, you should be interested. Yes, the content in their presentation might feel boring. But that’s how the corporate world works! And it’s time you know about it, coz you are going to be a part of it soon. I used to maintain a small diary to write the key points which might be of some use during interviews. Answering a question, or asking one during the talks is highly encouraged. It is not mandatory to do so, there’s no need to jump in and ask something irrelevant or way out of context. The real problem here is – people refuse to answer even the most general questions they ask. That’s bad. Really bad. If you show little interest in the talks, they might as well show little interest in hiring you. They will either grill you badly during interviews or choose to select fewer people than they have set out for. And believe me, it happens!

The PPT may well be the least boring part, for you have to go through endless waiting during the GD and Interview rounds. To tell you the extent till which you might have to wait, the process of KPMG started somewhere in the morning and went on till 3 AM the next day. Yes. You read that right. There are many reasons to the wait – the panel might be low in numbers compared to the number of students they need to interact with, there are multiple rounds you need to go through or they are taking really long interviews to understand their aspirants thoroughly. As I said in the beginning – patience is imperative. You cannot let the wait wore you down and affect your performance during the interview. Try to be lively. If possible interact with others who are waiting with you, or talk to your friends/family on the phone to boost your confidence. If you are super-bored, you can scroll through social media for a while as well. But don’t indulge too much into that. You may loose focus on the interview.


Selected? Just head to some nice place and have a sumptuous meal with your friends. You deserve it!

Didn’t get through? Head to your room, take a nap (no matter what part of day it is) and when you wake up, forget about the process entirely. It’s time to check with your Portal Sahiba again!

These are the yays and nays to keep in mind before your process starts. All of this is thought off by recollecting mine and many other’s experiences. There can still be situations which aren’t covered up here. In those times, use your intellect wisely to judge what needs to be done.

If you still have some doubts, the placement helpline is available for you (only WhatsApp) : 9987608443


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