THE GNN : Edition No. 2

In the past few days, the nation was seen obsessed over just two things – Karnataka Elections and the Royal Wedding. Under the hood, there were many more interesting developments in the nation. With this edition of GNN you are not missing them at any cost!

Let’s begin with the better news!



The Royal couple and their Royal Wedding was all over the news and the internet this week. Tucked under the lavish setup, celeb appearances and fashion fiesta – there was this story of a 21 year old Suhani Jalota who, inspite of being nowhere in relation to the royal couple or their extended family, got invited to the Royal Wedding.

Suhani, like us, grew in an environment where the word ‘period’ is a taboo. Awareness about menstruation is almost non-existent and women even today continue to suffer and bear consequences of unhygienic practices instead of addressing the issues. For a while Suhani wanted to do something about it but how can she, as she says, “change something people aren’t even willing to talk about”? It was during her days as Bachelor of Science student in Duke University when she finally got her answer.

The result was Myna Mahila foundation – brainchild of Suhani and 3 other women which focuses on women employment. In her words –

” I realized that the solution was to talk about empowerment, not periods “


Under the foundation, she set up a factory that produced sanitary products and employed poor women in selling them. This not only enabled jobs and brought income to the small households, but it also helped women to talk more openly about menstruation and hygiene, slowly removing the taboo surrounding it.

It is during the time that she won College Women of the Year Awards in 2016 hosted by Glamour magazine, when she met Meghan Markle. Meghan was thoroughly impressed with this incredible story and she remained in touch with her since then, leading up to the invitation as a special guest for her wedding!

Source : Glamour

“Can we live-in?” SC : Yes!

Speaking of taboo, among many other that this country has, live-in relationships is huge among them. The society still looks at you with judgmental eyes if you say you are “living-in” with someone. For reasons still unknown, living with a person you actually know about is considered more unholy than living with a person who has been a stranger to you – just because you haven’t tied a knot.

Kerala based couple Nandakumar and Thushara were annulled from marriage by the Kerala High Court because Thushara had not attained her legal age of marriage. The Court also granted her custody to the father since they weren’t married to each other.

Nandakumar approached the apex court and they saved the day.

“we make it clear that the freedom of choice would be of Thushara as to with whom she wants to live”

Thus asserting that couples living together without getting married is in no way illegal.

It’s time our society sees through this absurdity and become more accepting to this institution.

Source : Outlook India

A Celebration of Failure

It’s a known fact that millennial are facing extreme pressure and competition very early on in their lives. And parents are more than willing to pass on their share of tension and anxiety to their kids, never realizing that in no way is it helping them fetch the marks.

Thankfully, there are exceptions to that. Ashu Vyas from Madhya Pradesh failed to clear his 10th Boards. It was obviously a tough news for him to grasp. His father Surendra Kumar Vyas did the unthinkable – he threw a party for family and friends and went on to celebrate the fact that his son has failed.

Many might find it absurd but Surendra insisted that this would help his son cope up with the news better. “They are not the last exams. There is much more to come in life.” he rightfully said.

Of course, not every parent should start throwing a party when their wards don’t perform well. But an assurance to the kids that nothing has been lost and there are second chances – will boost their morale and save them from drowning in guilt and shame.

Source : Times Of India

The wit of an engineer saves someone’s life


This simple story can delight you on so many levels!

In a flight from Geneva to Delhi, final year EEE student from IIT Kanpur – Karttikeya Mangalam acted like an angel for 30-year old Thomas suffering from Type-1 Diabetes.

During mid-air Thomas realized that his insulin injecting device, specifically calibrated for his insulin requirements, has been left at the security check up. It was important for him to take the insulin at regular intervals to keep his sugar level under control. Else, well…you can figure out the consequence.

The time was ticking, and he needed immediate medical attention. There was a doctor on board who was also suffering from diabetes and had his insulin medication, but it was different from what Thomas required.

So what could an engineer do in this situation? The doctor did have his own insulin pen, but the cartridges that Thomas had didn’t fit in that pen. The problem statement was to fit the cartridge in that pen. The solution was required ASAP, as the patient by now had already passed out.

Mangalam primarily asked for the premium Wi-Fi connection to look up for information about the insulin pen. Studying the structure carefully, he disassembled each of the 12 parts of the pen, only to find out the pen should actually have one more part. The missing piece of the puzzle turned out to be a spring. Instead of keeping a search party and finding for the same, he asked passengers for their pens and tried using the small spring present in them on the device. After some struggle, he got the perfect fit. The cartridge used by Thomas was replaced and his sugar levels was normal again.

The basic human quality of helping those in need is itself quite rare to witness. Mangalam took charge, went in great lengths and worked under immense pressure to help a man he never met before. Even after landing, Mangalam accompanied Thomas to the hospital to make sure he is alright.

Thomas turns out to be the owner of a restaurant and a brewery in Amsterdam. He got due invitation for the same. “I supposedly will receive as much free food and beer as I want when I come,” he says. Reward well deserved!

Source : BetterIndia

A Challenging Feat


It’s not everyday that you see positive news like this one on the front page of a newspaper. But that is what happened, as Mirror ran a cover story about three mentally challenged women moving on with their lives, and who were once a victim of sexual abuse.

Project Chunauti was initiated by the Center for law and Society, School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance, to help the victim children recuperate from trauma of abuse and provide the children with a chance for a better life. The project includes 112 children in their current Home and will indirectly benefit 1100 children housed in MDC Homes across Maharashtra and approximately 70,000 children in institutional care across Maharashtra.

The 3 women might have gone through harrowing circumstances but they are simple, ordinary persons deep down. One among them, deaf and mute, is said to be the most talkative, never letting her speech impairment come in the way. Their aspirations are simple as well. When asked what they will do with their first salary, one said she will buy a phone for herself, while one has plans to buy gifts for her friends with whom she’s been living with all these years.

They have been employed in the hospitality sector, all set for a second innings in life. Here’s hoping we hear more such success stories, and firms/society would not hesitate in accepting these individuals.

Source : Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Mirror