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India gains a lot of wealth at the Commonwealth

CWG 2018 opens

I know, it’s an old news, but it shouldn’t cease you from getting amazed at our performance in the Goal Coast. Here are some facts which made everyone gush about this edition of CWG so much.

    • We won 66 medals (26 Gold, 20 Silver and 20 Bronze), securing third position in the overall ranking. This has been our best performance since 2010 when we hosted the Games.
    • There were some exceptionally unexpected wins from categories which weren’t our stronghold earlier, truly exceptional being Table Tennis. A 22-year old Manika Batra won medals in each of the 4 events she participated in.


    • Out of the 26 Gold, 12 were brought in by women. Mahavir Phogat from Dangal would be so proud.
    • Anish Bhanwala won Gold in 25 meter rapid fire pistol event. Not a great deal? Now consider his age – He is 15. Yes. You read that right. That (obviously) makes him the youngest Indian to win a Gold medal at any Commonwealth Games.


    • It’s not just the fresh talents, but even our star players shone bright. Sushil Kumar didn’t even concede a point in any of the 4 matches he played in his quest to Gold for Freestyle Wrestling (74 kg)

These results are huge for two reasons. For one, our nation will be seen as a strong, serious competition by the biggest players. And second, it gives a new, gleaming hope to every youth out there who wishes to pursue sports as a career. They have new role models to look up to.


The only way to avoid the worst scenarios is to tackle them head on. A Ghaziabad-based mother of three did exactly that. Her children – two daughters aged 17 and 12, and son aged 7 – were trained to deal with strangers and potential kidnappers very early on. Among many lessons of self-defense and preparation in times of threat, she included the ‘code word’ system. When the parents would require the kids to be called through any other person, there will be a coded message passed on which would validate that the person is safe to be accompanied with. Like her husband, even we would think that precautions at this level is not really needed. But after knowing what happened on the 2nd of May, you may change your opinion.

It was a Sunday evening and her 12-year old was out to the nearby general store to buy some snacks for herself. She is suddenly approached by a stranger, claiming that her father has met with an accident and she should be accompanying him. She then immediately asked for the code word her father must have told. Naturally, the guy wasn’t used to kids gathering their wits and hitting with that response. He sensed danger and immediately fled the scene.


‘Beauty’ is not really the word you associate railway stations with. On May 5th, the Ministry of Railways released the winners of their in-house beautification contest in which 62 stations had participated.

Maharashtra’s Ballarshah and Chandrapur stations tied with the first prize. Madhubani (Bihar) came in second and three stations – Gandhidham in Gujarat, Kota in Rajasthan and Secunderabad in Telangana bagged the third spot. Here are some pictures from these stations.


What’s more awesome is that it’s the locals who stepped in and changed the look of these stations. If the spirit of every citizen matches with theirs, we can perhaps have clean, beautified stations everywhere!


Who doesn’t love puppies? Okay, I know some who actually don’t. But those who do – how willing will you be to save a pup drowning in a filthy drain?

Milind Raj, an engineer based in Lucknow, showed his will. An AI and robotics enthusiast, Raj used his engineering mind to assemble a drone that would lift the pup from sewage and bring up safely. He uploaded the video of his mini rescue operation on YouTube. Have a look.

The drone was made within 6 hours and the news quickly spread like wildfire even in world media. He adopted the pup for himself. Guess the name he gave to him – Lifted.