All terms related to placements. All in one place.
Internship offer (I) : You will work in that company during your 8th semester.

Placement offer (P) : You will work in that company after you’ve completed graduation.

Placement +  Internship offer (P+I) : You will work in that company during the 8th semester and continue working there after graduation.

Core offer : Not to be associated with the term that is used to describe a job related to your branch. Simply put, every offer that is not Spot or ADM or your PC, it’s Core. If you get an offer from Core, you won’t be eligible for any other Core companies unless it’s PC.

ADM : Applications, Development and Maintenance. If you get offer from any company that comes under this, you are eligible to sit for Core, PC and Spot.

MRC : Mass Recruitment Company. Term used on companies that recruit in large numbers.

Spot offer : If a company comes with a Spot offer, it means they are serious about their selects and don’t want you to go to any other company. If you get a Spot P, you are out of placements right away. If it’s Spot I, you can sit for Core P jobs.LPA : Lakhs Per Annum. Salaries offered will be in terms of amount in lakhs (INR of course) you will get per annum.

CTC : Cost to Company. Salaries mentioned as CTC covers all non-monetary (like travel allowance, medical insurance) and monetary (like bonus) benefits.

On-Hand : This is the salary that you are expected to receive every month. It may still not be the exact amount that you will get to use as some of it will go as Income Tax as well. Yes, welcome to the real world.

PPT : Pre-Placement Talk. Normally takes place before the interview rounds. You will be briefed about the company and the profile they are there to offer. Any queries regarding the process, company, profile or package is cleared here.

PPO : Pre-Placement Offer. This is given to summer interns who are directly offered a job in the same company based on their performance. This has nothing to do with campus placements, but wrote it just FYI.

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