GoT7 : E06 – When Ice met Fire

It’s very hard to describe my feeling after watching that episode, like it must have been for you. But I’ll try.

It was like the happiness and satisfaction you get when you get something that you were wishing for. It was like the kick that you get when you realize you finally landed into the college/job of your choice. “Beyond The Wall” gave me that sense of happiness and joy. Of course, the loss of Viserion was condemned too.

Calling this as one of the best episodes would be an understatement, or even irrelevant. The great story is at its brink and nothing less than this can be expected from now on.


But yet, great episodes don’t just happen. They need able hands that will craft it with the deft and artistry it demands.

Yes, of course – the plot line they had is probably the best that they’ve ever got. Daenerys taking her dragons to fight the Others. But the events that built up to that scene kept us at the edge of our seats. Somewhere, we know, how it is going to end. But the treatment is such that you end up praying for the well being of everyone on the screen!


It is this kind of storytelling that makes the show so darn compelling even when the loose threads left due to absence of source material has started affecting its quality. We got the similar experience while watching many other recent episodes.

How and what do they get right?


Much till season 4, when the show followed the books, all that was needed to be done is faithfully adapt whatever Martin had written. Of course, there were some plot and character trimming that was done. But for the most of it, it was how ASOIAF should have been translated on screen.

Since season 5, the story had to take its own path. This gave the makers a liberty to stage its own battles and setpieces. Uptil then, we never had a battle scene in the show barring a few (like Season 2’s Blackwater). While the dragons and the world created certainly makes up for an interesting watch, the medium of television had more potential in giving its audience a more visual flare. Books can certainly make you understand the story and characters very well, but you can’t match the excitement of watching an action rather than reading it.

Thus we got Hardhome, Battle of Bastards, Winds of Winter, Euron’s attack, The Loot Train Attack and now this episode. Each of which distanced itself from the books both in terms of story and storytelling. Of course, as mentioned, this isn’t remotely possible without going that extra mile and making those huge cinematic vision a reality.


Remember how the show had micro-teased the arrival of the blowing of Sept Baelor long before it happened? (read here if you don’t) We’ve got something this time around as well.

When Jon Snow drowns in the water and comes back, there’s his Longclaw in focus as he reaches the surface. If you look carefully, the eye of the direwolf on its pommel opens the moment he is out of the waters. Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!


Detailing source : Reddit

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