GoT7 : E04 – Dance of the Dragons


It’s fantastic how this show has made us root for creatures we know never existed!

If you were ever waiting for the day when the dragons will be seen in action, today was the day. It was mad fun to watch Drogon Dracarysing the hell out of Lannisters and Co!


Whether her decision to attack them was wise or not is left for other time to debate. But watching her execute was entertainment at its finest! There was aggressiveness in the way her army and herself attacked the enemy. You could even see the shade of her Mad King father Aerys over there.

That’s not to say the Dragons have become completely invincible. Qyburn’s scorpion was successful in giving Drogon a blow, however small it may be. And then, there are those theories that suggest that the Night King might turn one into one of its own.

It’s certainly not the first time Dragons have been used in a war. Years before the storyline we started with, Aegon had used these very dragons to unite the Seven Kingdoms and sit on the Iron Throne.

Ever wondered how they ceased to exist until Dany gave birth to hers? You may
have to look at the title of the post.



Rhaenerya and Aegon Targaryen, half siblings, fought against each other over the claim of iron throne. For the first time, both the sides had dragons which made the war more brutal. Thousands died, along with almost all of the dragons. Some became extinct later on during Aegon III’s reign.

Since then, people refused to believe in the concept of dragons, and that they might exist again. Which is why Daenerys’ claim of being the Mother of Three Dragons wasn’t taken seriously by many. But now that they got the Hands-on experience of seeing one, they won’t doubt that again in the future.

Apart from the three dragons, you have also seen in the show the remains of Balerion, Aegon The Conquerer’s dragon. But as a skull in Red Keep. Balerion is one of the oldest and largest dragons known in history.


The fate of dragons in the future is yet unknown. There is still only one person in the Westeros who can tame them (maybe Jon too? We’ll know soon). Whether the dragons can produce more is also yet unclear.

Many have theorized that Drogon or at least one of the dragons would die during a crucial point. While we may have seen a weapon that can actually do that, the hows and whens are still not known.

Dragons have lent a wonderful touch of fantasy to the story. The show makers have also been exceptional in depicting the way they need to.

To defeat the icy power of the White Walkers, we need those fiery dragons!


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