Hello everyone! You are midway through your Engineering and I hope that you are happy studying Civil. You should be. Because if you didn’t find your previous two semesters easy, things might be a little more difficult this time around.

After looking at the EEE and ECE guides, I can very well say that the terror of Sem 5 is a universal thing. Don’t be under the impression that it’ll be a cakewalk just like the previous were. The cake is replaced by rocks. That too, slippery one.

Getting tensed already? Don’t be! Or better, use that tension as a tool and keep it with you all through the semester. Remember, courses are not made for you to fail, but it is made to work upon harder. No matter what, if you work hard, you will get the result!

All that being said, let’s dive in into the courses that you will be having this time.


Faculty : Dr. Purushotham G. Sarvade

This is a massive, 4-credits course and completely application based. Initially, you should sail through, but right after Index Properties, your sail might hit the rock. The course content is filled with derivations and formulas and you have to make sure you know them very well. The faculty taught the subject well and aided in my preparations. Still, you might need the help of some reference materials. There will be a continuation to the course ahead in the next semester so preserve your notes to revise them later.

Again, I would stress, catch up with the classes. Rome might get built in a day but this course can’t be completed in a night!




Gopal Ranjan and A.S.R Rao

K.R. Arora


Faculty : Mr. Ravindranatha

Quoting the most famous line from Star Wars : May The Force be with You!

BSSD is the older, but easier sibling of BRCD. But, there’s a catch.

This is one of those courses where your faculty needs to be good enough to help you understand and prepare well. I didn’t have one. Good thing though – there is a Bible for formulas used in the course : IS Code Book for Steel Structures. You will be allowed to carry it during the exams, so no need to worry about remembering the formulas. Just focus on practicing the numericals well.

References are a must.




S. S. Bhavikatti
S. K. Duggal
: only if you love this subject and civil engineering


Faculty : Mr. Nausha Shetty

Take a deep breath, for this course can allow you to do so. The study materials given by them would be more than enough.

Also to be noted is the fact that Nausha Sir is one of the most good looking faculty we’ve got! It’s not just me saying, you can ask to girls of my class. So to all the girls attending in his class : you might have a minor distraction to deal with 😉

On a serious note the faculty, not only to us but to all the classes, were good and there were no complaints. It does mean that you will get to score better, but it also means your peers will also score better. So you can’t really avoid the competition.



S.K. Garg


Faculty : Mr. Girish M. G.

Lovingly called as the papa of the class, Girish sir is always smiling and kind. You rarely get a faculty with such a caring nature! Apart from his nature, he got that name because one of the guy from class scarily resembles him! After thorough investigation, we called it a mere co-incidence. But papa he is!

If you hate numericals, you may have a liking for this course because there is hardly any. Though there’s tons of concepts to understand and learn. So another course in the list of “Non one-night wonder” (jeez that sounds so vulgar. But who cares.)

Reference books prescribed to be used well.



SK Khanna and CEG Justo


Faculty : Mr. Sandesh Upadhyaya K.

I have saved the worst for the last.

There is no saving from this one. Hell, even I haven’t figured out any other way than studying diligently throughout the sem. It is a slow burner. The difficulty will rise as you move towards the end semester. It can be very taxing and confusing. I suggest you not to increase your confusion by referring books. Rather just write your notes well, attend classes regularly and remain updated.

Very standard method there, I know. But I couldn’t really figure it out.




Faculty : Ms. Radhika Bhandary and Mr. Sharanagouppa

This laboratory would be easy, but there is a lot of theory associated with each experiment. Make sure that you go through the theory before going to the lab. It always helps during viva and understanding what the hell do you do there for 3 hours.


Faculty : Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan and Ms. Suja T.P.

There are no specific pointers to share, except for the location of this lab.

It is right near the Chemical Department building called as “Irrigation Laboratory”. Needless to say, you will be dealing with water a lot. Ironically, a laboratory testing on water is itself in a very humid environment. Carry a water bottle with you always. And a filled one, because the water facility there is never cleaned.

So that is all I have for you to survive this semester. Hope you will find some use of it. Personally, sem 5 had been really hard on me. It is sad that I cannot undo what I have done. I only hope you don’t experience the same. Enjoy your college life, the fests, sure. Don’t compromise on that. But also give equal concentration and some sincerity to academics.

Hope you have a rocking semester. Best of Luck!


The motto of TGTS has always been to help fellow juniors be little more prepared than us for what lies ahead. I am from EEE and for sure as heck couldn’t write one for every branch. You can imagine the kind of support and effort it needs to compile this and present. This anonymous writer has done that. And I am very thankful to him/her!

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Thank you for reading, and all best for the semester!