GoT7 : E01 – Winter and Summer

Winter is finally here! Amongst the heightened hype, universal celebration and record-breaking viewership, the pre-finale season premiere aired worldwide.

So much to talk about : the stunner of an opening, the sibling arguments, the surprise cameo, the mini shockers and the return of the Queen to her roots. But we won’t discuss that. In my articles here, you will learn more about the world, philosophy, the characters and the making of this show rather than a simple discussion over the happenings which you can find on any other website.

What I noticed apart from all of the above, is the characters being more direct and frank towards accepting that “Winter is Here“. We only used to hear Jon speaking about it. But now the conversations have slipped into the libraries of Oldtown and Brotherhood without banners. Ravens had already been sent across Westeros in the previous episode.


Many of you already know that the philosophy behind Winter and White Walker is what we are facing with Global Warming and Climate Change. Like in the fantasy world, we are so busy fighting our own wars that we refuse to believe the war with nature actually exist. Winter, of course, is summer in our real world.

The conversation between the Archmaester and Samwell is particularly interesting. The Archmaester being one of the most learned men, also doesn’t find the White Walkers to be a major threat. He argues that the world had seen many wars before, even a Long Night, where people believed the world won’t survive. But it didn’t. So now when there are talks of another winter coming he is confident there is nothing to worry about.


Aren’t we neglecting the small changes as well? The global increase in temperature is alarming, but appears meager. The ice in Arctic are melting faster and earlier than expected. But hey, how can that affect us? Monsoons are delayed, summers are colder and winters are warmer. And yet, the humans are unfazed.

This depiction of reality in a story that can be as fantasy as it can get, is the real achievement of Martin. The question ahead is : now that he has shown us the problem, will he provide the right solution as well? Will the mighty end to this story be only about a great battle? Do they even win this battle? In our own quest for finding who will sit on the Iron Throne, have we undermined the White Walkers a bit too much?

In the coming 12 episodes, we will find out. But to keep ourselves alive after that, we should be having the conversation of Summer is Here more often.

My Favourite scene and quote from the show will be posted on the facebook page soon. Stay tuned!