What if you get to trip with a group of photographers? Even the thought of getting to enjoy your moment without ever worrying about capturing it made me go – “just sign me up“!

After some delay (Okay, quite a delay) the excursion gang of about 100 started off on 2 packed buses.

Truth to be told, all the places we were heading too weren’t new for me. But it wasn’t certainly with 50 people in a bus, with a large sound system playing “Saat Samandar paar” early in the morning.

Traveling through muddy, rocky paths the bus somehow reached to the start of the trek. The trek was made shorter than planned because of the time constraint.

The place where our trek started

What makes treks different and special from what is basically just walking is the atmosphere around you. It’s not like your usual walk from Hostel to college, checking your phone and sweating profusely. There’s a serene, calm environment and the lush, huge trees cover you from the scorching sun.


As we passed through the nature’s trial and finally reach Kudlu falls, the cool breeze greeting you starts removing all the pain and sweat. Since we were surrounded by photographers, tripods were seen in every corner of the area. It’s amazing to see them go to any extent and any place possible to get their best shot!



WhatsApp Image 2017-03-28 at 16.42.29

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-28 at 16.42.16

Any Baahubali fan will be instantly reminded of the gigantic and marvellous waterfalls shown in the movie (more hard core fans might even play Dheevara in their mind on loop). The amount of water falling down is limited so the great height makes each drop fall on its own. One can just sit in a place and watch one of the drop slowly falling down. Life is beautiful, I tell you.


It’s not just the philosophy that we were doing there, of course. People enjoyed there depending upon what is the idea of “fun”for each. For some, it was putting their bare feet in the water and sitting in a corner. For others, it was about getting drenched and play like kids in a water pool.



It was clear who were enjoying all of it the most. Our host for the day.

 17554067_1271911466191982_989361928628423497_n (1)

Tired by the return journey, we finally reached back near the bus parking, only to be greeted with foul-smelling rice. The bus storage were too hot to handle the lunch containers, resulting in the stink. We were told that we’ll be given something to eat at the nearby restaurant.

But alas, by the time we were done with eating, it was already too late to head to Karkala. And as all were too tired to go anywhere else, it was decided to wrap it up there itself and head back to campus. But before that, a group photo was due :

17522907_1271912996191829_5691039094995024924_n (1).jpg

After a few more rounds of photoshoots, it was time to get back into the bus. Now after a day of tiring trail you will expect the bus to be filled with snores. But instead –

(This was just in the bus I was in. The other bus actually snored!)

We returned to KC, one experience short and too many hurdles to handle. Maybe the management left a thing or two to be desired. Or maybe it was really an unfortunate day to go out for a trip.

But the bottom line is : I got an enjoyable, crazy Sunday instead of a boring, lazy one!

A day dedicated to nature and the spirit of traveling. What else do we want?