So we are just hours away from Revels finally coming upon us! Excited? If you are confused on what to do really during the fest, I have list out a few points that may help. Read on.



You may not have an event to attend, no fest work or just a bit too tired from the morning class to again leave your rooms. But try. Just try to be there when the fest starts. Because after that, you might just feel lazy to leave your room at all!

These 4 days give you an experience that can’t be had again in one year. And you don’t want to just sit there in the room, right?


So you somehow manage to reach the NLH-IC area as the day’s events are about to start. What next?

Go to the notice boards or check the Revels app for all the competitions for the day. You may think of going to two events, but those two might clash. Then you have a decision to make. For team events, you need to search for the friend who’s free at that slot.

Yes, there’s lots of management to do to just participate in one thing. But you need to bring that energy in you to participate as much as you can to get a full worth of that delegate card.


There’s quite a lot of stuff going on during Revels. QUITE A LOT.

Of course, you can’t be everywhere. Majority of people sit at the IC and enjoy the singing events there. While that’s one way of chilling out, you can be at many other places and sit peacefully. If you are a movie buff, there are some awesome shorts screened at Library Auditorium during Lights, Camera, Action. For music enthusiasts, Battle Of Bands at Quadrangle is the place to be. If cultural stuff doesn’t interest you then Sports events go on throughout the day.

Apart from the app, there are the official Social Media accounts of Revels to help you out. You can have a look at the insta and snapchat stories, live fb videos to update you on the happenings. If you feel like attending one event, head over.



For many, this is the only time where you get to have some good pics of yours. My own timeline is filled with pictures taken mostly during this time.

So make sure you click as many as you can. There will be many awesome photographers around, some of them might be your friends. And even if you don’t know one, you can request any of them around and I’m sure they will oblige.

And while doing that, note their name and where will they post the picture. That would help you in locating your photo from thousands uploaded.



Your phone will be worked up much more than usual. Endless calls in spotting your squad, countless selfies and (for organizers and volunteers) being on WhatsApp throughout apart from the usual social media. And this continues till the ProShow for the day is done and you are back in your room.

Charge your phone, charge your power banks, put it on battery saver and basically use your phone consciously. I know this is a very generic thing to say, but it would at least put this in your mind as a sticky note.



This means both in literal and figurative sense. Agreed, food stall have some irresistible dishes you just want to try out. But those aren’t obviously the healthiest of food and would hamper your budget if taken in excess. Try some cafetaria dosas/meals maybe?

I don’t know about you, but I felt at home eating that one South Indian meal in the midst of all the rolls, burgers and pizzas the last time!

Of course, no one is talking about going to the mess. I mean, seriously?


This is for all the volunteers and organizers. It’s great that you are getting a whole new work experience and get to do something you love. But it is equally important to enjoy the fest by all means! Try to participate in events, watch some of them as an audience and don’t let work hamper that.



The first concert I had ever attended was of Farhan Akhtar during ProShow exactly 3 years ago. It was an experience that just can’t be matched by anything else! It’s a bit sad to see less enthusiasm for it this time.

Considering what a bomb it normally costs for a concert outside, it’s only during college days when you can afford it. Plus, you have mostly known faces around which makes the experience all the more memorable! It will surely take up a lot of energy from you, but then you have a day to relax.

ProShow is the most wonderful way to call the fest an end. If you had planned not to go to the ProShow, think again.

Hope you have a blast in these 4 days and make memories for years to last!

 Image Courtesy : The official Revels, MIT Facebook page