MIT reacts to Academic Calendar

Nearly a month before we reach college, the authorities have decided to lay out the floor plan for us. Yes, the academic calendar for the new academic year is out. How are people reacting to it? How many of them have actually read it? Let’s find out.


Disclaimer : The author is at his home and just imagining all the stuff written below. Fact checkers, stay away. Rest of you guys, where is your popcorn?


Graphic people all over couldn’t help but notice the change in logo at the top right. The heated debate is again brought into WhatsApp chats and FB posts on the credibility of the logo. “It needs improvement. It looks like the University has been turned into a film festival.” writes one.


While others are thinking of checking the logo out once they read this line.



There are more colors added to the calendar, meaning more holidays. There were 10 non-Sunday holidays this time compared to 8 last year. And the start and end of working days have been compressed to give a few more days free. Two additions are Kannada Rajyotsava and May Day. “We knew the college considers us as labours.” says a student while smiling over the news.

While others were left asking “What’s Rajyotsava?”


The unknown first years are horrified in seeing so much activity throughout the year. “The first test will be so early! I haven’t even started studying yet!” exclaims an “aspiring” first year, while asking a 100 more questions on the test.

Like every year, this year too the Teaching break has kept hundreds in dilemma. Who is having the break, really? “The very first doubt I always get is this.” says a frustrated Maths professor.

(First years reading this : Yes, the break is for you. Go, book your tickets)



As usual a significant amount of days are alloted as “student feedback” every semester. “In my 3 years I have never seen anyone giving any kind of feedback during those days alloted.” says a student to be going into 4th year. “The mystery to this Student Feedback is kept better than any of Agatha Christie novels.” All that one can expect is for the new director GK Prabhu to break the secret by making an FB post during this event.



With over 3 holidays falling on Mondays, Goa is already expecting a better turnover for its tourism this year. Other people among others happy with the news are Mangalore mall owners, Gokarna priests and Manipal rickshawallas. “I can now afford to make my son join MIT.” says a rickshawalla in a broken Hindi.



NASA has already predicted the image India would have this Diwali. And we couldn’t agree more

After a lifeless Holi, it seems Manipal is set to have a lightless Diwali. “Just 5 days before sessionals! And we don’t even celebrate on that holiday!” says a dejected North Indian student.
To the relief of many, Holi has fallen just a day after Revels ends. “Means I can go to my house!” exclaims the same guy.


In all, the calendar has got mixed reactions without much oppositions. When asked to the calendar itself on how he feels, he says “What’s the use of speaking anyways? You guys will forget me after a few days. People would keep asking for me on WhatsApp for me the whole year, unaware that I’m sitting right here besides some unwanted downloads! They stare at me only when they have nothing else to do. And that is when iOn isn’t working. Previously that was a good news, but those damned have improved their services. I feel so lonely! I have nobody! I am on my own!”

Couple of minutes later he calmed himself. While the old calendar has been successfully deleted.

 For those still struggling to find the calendar – here you go.