GoT6: E08 – Blood

The best thing about an episode 8 in Game Of Thrones is that the episode 9 is just a week away. In all the seasons, episode 9 continues to prove to be one of the best and involves major plot twists. The job of the eighth ones is to give the required emotional depth to balance the action to be followed.



Some root for the emotional parts too ( including me ). And so this episode did leave me satisfied. If the previous episode was full of awesome acting, this one had more one-on-one conversations that showed the depth these said characters shared with each other. There was Jaime-Brienne meeting again, Podrick and Bronn’s amusing buffoonery, Tyrion and Varys bidding a respectful ( and somewhat saddening ) goodbye to each other and Arya abandoning her last and only hope Jaqen H’gar.


With so many stark and different characters that the show boasts off, seeing two random characters sharing the screen space gets us excited. The showrunners changed the entire Sansa plot just so that Sansa and Theon can be together, if only for a few episodes. Two of the major characters – Daenerys and Tyrion, are now together and it is very interesting to see their clash of ideologies and culture. Recently, tons of memes were generated based on just two scenes where Tormund is oggling Brienne!


If you look at it, the entire story is based on these relationships. We started off with two sibling twins mad in love with each other and kill anyone who come in between. Then there is the friendship between Eddard and Robert that had started the whole Robert rebellion and resulted in what’s left of House Stark today. In the centre of The War of Five Kings was Littlefinger who started it because he couldn’t marry his beloved Catelyn. In Jaime’s words ” The things that people do for love.”


The most odd and complicated pairs of them all is Jaime and Brienne. They once shared extreme hatred for each other but that slowly developed into a relationship that is hard to define. In the coming episodes, I think it is these two who will be put to test as each is fighting in the opposite camp. I have a feeling that in the future, one will give his/her life for the other.


Stannis and Ser Davos were another complicated one. Being a lowborn and having pirated his whole life, Davos was still excepted as a Ser. Melisandre was working her best to make Stannis obey everything she says, but Stannis still kept a trust on Davos and asked for his advice. Stannis knew in his instincts that this man can seldom be wrong. And Davos, in turn, remained his loyal “onion knight” till he lived. Arya and the Hound also went through some drastic changes in the way they see each other. Both fierce, no nonsense characters were a treat to watch in the third and fourth season and one can only wish they could team together again.


Talking of team, there are many who prove to be an excellent one. Margery-Olenna easily top the list. They both alone could take on the Lannisters and give Cersei sleepless nights, while living in King’s Landing! In the previous episode, we saw how much they trust each other. One stare and one rose-drawn letter was enough for one Lady of Highgarden to understand the plan of the other one. We also see some unusual characters gelling so well. Jon and Sam became true brothers inspite of being so different from each other. So was the case with Tyrion and Podrick – an innocent lad being extremely loyal to “the most famous dwarf in the world.”

The other kind of relationships are the ones that redefines ( or mistakes ) love. Renly-Loras, Jon-Ygritte, Sam-Gilly and above all : Cersei-Jaime had to face ( or are still facing ) lots of hardships for their love. There are also the happy ones : Eddard-Catelyn, Missadei-Grey Worm, Daenerys-Khal Drogo and Robb-Talisa. But except for the new one, other love stories didn’t end well. And there is this trio of Dany, Jorah and Daario, trying to figure it out in the midst of an ongoing conquering saga.


The animals also get their perfect caretaker. The new Stark generation loved their direwolves as they loved each other. And Dany, the Mother of Dragons, cares for her dragons like her children. Even though the said children are about 100 times the size of their mother!


Some say if you remove the violence, special effects and sex from the show, what is left is a grand soap opera. That may not be a bad thing. Right?



Arya’s chase sequence. Rarely have we seen such in the show. It must have been quite a pain to recreate so many streets for one sequence. Braavos isn’t a central location to the story after all. But it was well choreographed. We finally knew why Arya was going through all those blind trainings at the start.


Lancel: Order your man ( Mountain ) step aside or there will be violence.
To which Cersei replies –


Now the reply here isn’t just to Lancel.


In Bran’s vision, one could see a huge wildfire in a frame that certainly isn’t from the Battle of Blackwater, the only place we saw wildfire in the show. Cersei is constantly being sidelined by others at the court and she’s getting mad every day. If she treads on the similar lines of her book character, then by all means, the wildfire can be from the Great Sept of Baelor on her trial day. Another clue is Qyburn saying that the “rumour” is true. Is this the big thing in episode 9? We’ll find out soon.