It is weird to write on this, considering I’m so eager to end my ongoing vacation and be at Manipal again. As I think of the bad times that the college has given me till now, I also realize that not all of these can be a reason for someone to not join the college. But, in this article, I made you go through all the good things about Manipal. So it is important to also talk about some of the annoying parts. This would be most helpful for those who have a handful of college options to choose from.


Now a couple of disclaimers. If you have already taken an admission, don’t regret your choice. This is just to make you prepare for the hardships you might face here. Same also applies to some for whom MIT is the only good choice.


The comments I’ll be making regarding the studies caters only to Electrical&Electronics, the branch that I am studying. Some observations are also based on my first year which will be common for all.


What compels me to think of the flaws here, is of course the high fees. If we weren’t be paying such a huge bomb for joining the college, I couldn’t have complained a bit.


Every year, there is an exponential increase in the fees

Okay, I get it. It’s a completely private college and it does needs those cash to make it function like a good college. But for its students, who mostly hail from middle class households, it is a huge risk. This is the only question that I had in mind while joining, and it is also the question I’ve been asked the most.


My answer to them was always the same – “Don’t go much into the placements. Think of the quality of education you are getting.” Two years into this college, I would be honest with you, I don’t think this is what the best quality of education looks like. It isn’t even close to be bad though. The labs do expect some donkey work like writing the manual stuff in another book ( For example, Physics lab in the first year ). But they do help in the learning process. I even like the exam pattern and the grading system. Where it faults is –


1. Maintaining the pattern. We are supposed to have 5 quizzes in equal intervals throughout the course. But we sometimes end up giving 3-4 quizzes in the last month. The second last working week of the semester is particularly awful. You may end up giving 10-12 of them at that time, if you talk of all the 6 courses. How can you blame the children for copying then?

2. Definite course structure. I had at least one course each sem where I was left in utter confusion on what and to study and where to study from. If you attend the classes, you will be taught the theory aspects. If you open the assignments, you are greeted with numericals. And if you think you can find the perfect book that matches the syllabus, then good luck. For someone who was quite good at Maths, all the interest for the subject has now been sucked out. This may be the problem of Engineering Maths in its whole. I don’t know.

3. Some of the faculties. The best that a faculty can do is invoke some interest for the course from you. But the only thing they invoke is laughter ( for some of their talking skills ) or yawn. It becomes excruciating to even sit for 3-4 hours a week in their class.


You have to bring in an extra effort from your side to come up with a satisfying GPA. The level of education, for me, is good enough and its unlike the public perception that deemed univs have it easy. But these shortcomings does make things more difficult than it is.


The most exciting thing about joining MIT is meeting the people. Many of you will love to live among this culturally and geographically diverse crowd. The point to be noted here is – this isn’t a very studious one. I know there are some people who come here just for some serious studying. They might feel left out.


This doesn’t mean there are no genius minds here. Believe me, there are more than you can think of. But these are kind of people who believe in “work hard and party harder”. If in your dreams you are thinking of your class to be completely involved in studies only, then that bubble will break very soon. Majority of people still believe in copying in assignments and mass bunks. These things may provoke you to do so, even if you may not want to.


Your expensive expenses won’t just stop at the college. The list of things that are so frustratingly expensive is too long. You have to work your way through many a times if you want to keep your budget in check.




If you are taking a big financial risk and the above things are worrying you, it’s time to seriously think about your decision.
If you are used to be in a very studios environment, Manipal isn’t for you.

And if you are giving up an IIT seat, just for the lure of “Manipal crowd”, then please don’t do it. I’m sure you will find wonderful people there too.


Personally, I don’t regret being in this college, inspite of all the problems. Every college has its flaws. It is for us to accept them and live with it. Or at least hope that things would change.



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