GoT6: E07 – A Storm of Acting

This week’s episode was weak on action and high on acting. We saw some of the most wonderful performances from the new characters. Lyanna Mormont, looked like a mix of Arya and Ned, and she was ferocious! Ian McShane was a welcome addition as Ray but poor guy was killed in the same episode itself. He is actually a condensed version of two book characters – Septon Meribald and Elder Brother. His talks on broken men is one of the highlights in Martin’s novels. The TV version must have felt a bit underwhelming. But the actor wasn’t. Joining the list of brilliant performances was Blackfish, played by Clive Russell. From once being an untrustworthy heir to openly challenging Jaime Lannister himself – this Tully has come a long way. And Clive doesn’t miss a beat in portraying that!


All we talk about the show is the special effects, writing, costumes and [ you know what ]. We hardly speak of the enormous acting talent that the show packs in. Apart from Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, none get the applause that they deserve for their performances. So let’s just gush over this ensemble cast today.


Starting with everyone’s favourite – Tyrion. He is the most famous ( often regarded as the lead actor ) and most awarded person from the cast. And rightfully so. Who can ever forget that epic courtroom scene! In an industry where you survive on good looks and perfect body, this disfigured “Imp” rised above all solely based on his talent. His father Tywin Lannister, played by Charles Dance is in my opinion the most underrated of all. There are minimal dialogues for him to mouth, for his eyes does the talking. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the King’s Landing scenes when he was acting as the Hand. Only for that man, I had wished for Tywin to die a heroic death. Not a toilety one!

Image: Comic-Con International 2015 - "Game Of Thrones" Panel
Almost all of the actors I’ve mentioned are here


There are two more actors who are brilliant in such subtle acting – Natalie Dormer playing Margery and Alfie Allen playing Theon. Margery expresses a lot through her big eyes. This episode was a proof of it. Theon – going from a notorious casanova to a scared “little brother” ( not forgetting his days with Ramsay ) has shown exceptional range. Perhaps that’s why the showrunners haven’t killed him off yet. The list can go on – Conleth Hill as Lord Varys, Aidan Gillen as the Littlefinger and Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth. Brilliant actors, but we hardly find fans for them!



The more famous ones are playing the characters on whom some of the subplots are entirely based on – Emilia Clarke as Daenerys, Kit Harrington as Jon Snow and Maisie Williams as Arya Stark. I don’t know in real life, but the social media goes gaga over Maisie. That’s a wonderful achievement for having played a character that has dressed in the same rags for the entire show ( until recently )! Their roles aren’t much performance-oriented. So we don’t really love their acting, but the characters they portray.



It needs special kind of talent to get so much hatred among the viewers. Iwan Rheon ( playing Ramsay ) and Jack Gleeson ( playing Joffrey ) have this required talent. The old are as good as the new ( Jonathan Pryce as High Sparrow is a highlight ). The ladies match with the men in terms of everything ( you always have Diana Rigg playing Olenna for your daily dose of badassery ). There are American, Scottish and Irish actors often thrown in the mix of this otherwise a largely British cast. Hell, there is even an Indian actress on board – Indira Verma as Ellaria Sand. And who knows, the rumors may be true we may see Neil Nitin Mukesh joining the show in the future!

The genius behind the casting of Game Of Thrones


The show can get complaints for its storyline, or even the visual effects at some point. But I just can’t imagine anyone complaining about the casting. The man behind these castings is Robert Sterne. This task can be as difficult as writing or directing, given the vast number of characters the show features. This episode itself featured two new characters. It really needs talent and energy to find a girl who can be the young and fiesty Lyanna Mormont ( played by Bella Ramsey ). There are actors across all age groups, coming from various parts of the country, shooting at another country altogether. And giving the best of their performances inspite of extreme weather changes at these places. A very huge hats off to each and every cast that has brought to life these wonderful characters. And a huge applause also to Sterne.


Now I’ve been avoiding one actor completely just to gush over her at the end. My favourite actor is none among the ones mentioned above. It is


Lena Headly as Cersei Lannister


She can be cunning as a trueborn Lannister, but she can also be the caring mother. She doesn’t think twice before insulting and threatening a person, whoever the person may be. But she always faces the harshest punishments. Then again, she comes back with the grace of a Lady and her signature smirk. These are all the reasons that makes Cersei one of my favourite characters. And the way Lena portrays it completely blows my mind. She makes us to pity on her, even if she is playing a negative character. The character is a little off from the book one, but the portrayal couldn’t have been more perfect.



Very, very rarely does the show do a pre-intro scene. They did this only so that the intro credits won’t spoil it! Yeah, you can later theorize on how this entry ” was expected ” and stuff. But admit it. When you first saw the face of this broken man, you just couldn’t stop hooting!



Have to say. There were some terrific lines here. But my pick is –

Violence is a disease. You don’t cure a disease by spreading it to more people.


I think the team should have invested more time and give us a bit more of this broken men speech.Neverthless, Ray raises some poignant points on the horrors of wars.

Okay, a small task for you today. Who is your favourite actor apart from Peter Dinklage from the show? Let me know in the comments.