My post on the most frequently asked questions on MIT and its entrance exam has helped many. It would solve your doubts once you have made your mind on joining the college. But what if you have doubts on joining itself?


Hope you will have a clear answer by the end of this post.


I have introduced myself in the previous post in bits and pieces. I am a EEE student of MIT, Manipal and have completed 2 years here. Right now I’m sitting at my home, Mumbai, as we have summer vacations going on. Many might think that I’m some kind of an expert and I can easily predict your branch possibilities and ranking based on your MU-OET score. Or worse, you may think I have topped the exam during my time. Let’s just break the myth. I got 112 out of 200 in the exam and barely managed to get EEE ( the branch of my interest ) in the third waiting list. My rank was 6338. I couldn’t give a second attempt. If I have predicted your branch or given you exam tips at some point, it is simply based on the merit lists of previous year. And in the previous year, my predictions were based on my rank and results alone. To be frank, I remember nothing about the exam except for the score it showed by the end of it.


So if you would still believe in my predictions, go ahead! Ask them in the comments, or through Quora or Facebook. I will still answer them.

How did I end up in MIT?

It will be a good start by answering on why I chose MIT. Out of 2-3 entrance tests that I had given, I had scored the most in MU-OET. So MIT was the best option I had. The main problem was of course the high fees and the reputation of the Manipal crowd. One round around the campus and meeting a few officials here somewhat assured me that the fees would be worth it. And plus, I was getting the desired branch. The only thing I required was a trust and strong will in myself to act responsibly and not fall prey to abusive substances.

After initial weeks of anxiety and getting used to this new place, I started admiring my choice. You will understand the change that Manipal has brought within you when you step out of it during vacations. For someone who lives in big cities, I am glad I won’t have to go through traffic snarls and crowded public transport to reach my college. Yes, the walk between hostel and college is still a good 15-20 minutes walking distance over here. But you would be walking on a road where there are no vehicles moving.


There’s another major difference you will notice, and that is the people around you. When you are in Manipal, you will meet people from any part of India ( or maybe the world ) you can think of, belonging to any strata of society. You won’t understand what “diversity” truly means if you don’t step in here. It is a big advantage to have. Believe me. Yes, you would still mingle with like-minded people the most. But who knows, you may create a special bond with someone living worlds apart. And you are meeting him/her only because you both chose this place!

This thing matters the most. For academically, you may find as good a college in your locality itself. It may feel so now that it is important to study about the faculty, placements, infra and course structures about any college. And it is, to a very extent. But what makes MIT so special is the space you get to do so much more! If all you are planning to do is sit and learn, then that will fetch you a degree. Nothing else. And if that is your aim, then this college is not for you. Your four years here should not only be about what you do inside the classroom, but also about what you do outside of it.

MUTBI can be of great help if you plan to start a startup.

And that is what makes MIT one of the most highest ranked colleges. Midway if you realize that you have the thing for a startup, you can start right away. Whatever your skill may be – technical or not, you will find at least one student club that can help you engage with similarly skilled people and nurture it. If you are into innovations, you can join the project-based clubs or start one of your own. And all this is possible because you are studying with one of the brightest minds of the country and staying all by yourself. Independently. Personally, MIT has played a major role in making me understand my passion for writing.

Now you might think many of this is possible in many other colleges too – the IITs, NITs, other private colleges like BITS, VIT, Amity and SRM. So what makes Manipal stand out from them? Well, nothing much. Yes, you can have these perks in other colleges where you would stay inside the campus. And if you are getting an admission in those, the choice only boils down to which is more revered and which is less far from your home.

MIT is for those who are bright enough, but are not considered to be fit for an IIT just because they had a hard luck during one test. But the force is strong here, for we gave the world their most influential CEO ( yes, I had to boast about Satya Nadella). We are also making equal waves in technical innovations and in cultural fields. Our fests may not be that big, but it keeps getting better every year. And with one of the most coolest, enthusiastic directors ever supporting us, nothing can stop us to improve and innovate!

That guy in white is our director. Yes, you read that right.

Getting in here is easy and studying for the degree isn’t as hard and rigorous as other univs ( but take this with a pinch of salt ). It is also one hell of a party place ( not to mistake for a drug paradise ). But as I said, you get the better deal off the fees you pay when you step out to do much more than that.


And that is why the high fees is worth it.



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If you have  many questions on our campus. I may have had you covered here.