GoT6: E05 – The Song has begun

Most popular is not always the best regarded. The most popular guy in your class is never the most trusted one for the teachers. Bestselling books are often ridiculed. All-time blockbusters often get the harshest beatings in reviews. And a show topping all others is often criticized more than it deserves. One just can’t fathom the fact that a show that is beloved, followed by millions can be inventive in its writing and keep shocking audiences even in its 6th season. Yes, I am talking about Game Of Thrones, which is facing minor backlashes after every passing episode this season. One loose end in the plot ( read: Dorne ) and people are ready to tag the show as ” not good anymore”.


Then comes an episode like this latest one which singularly silences all the negativity around it and keeps the world at the edge of the seat, like it has in every season. And that is for a mere 10 minutes at the end of what looked like a regular episode.


What other reason do you want me to give to declare the show as “One of the best in the history of television “? I have another – it also manages to rubbish some of the most believable fan theories. Why Hodor talks Hodor? And where did the White Walkers come from?

ice and fire

Yes. The song has begun. The battle of ice and fire. The first lesson we learn is that Bran is crucial in this battle.


The time has come……for you to become me.

Three – Eyed raven gone. Summer gone. “The Children” are probably dead too. And our beloved ( hold-the-door) Hodor has also been sacrificed. Only Bran and Meera are left against the massive army of White Walkers. There are no traces of Dragonglass or Valyrian visible with them. Seems like a dead end to me. But you never know!


“Winter is Coming” –  the most popular words in this world, is not just talking about the season. It is also about the arrival of the race that is responsible for it. The White Walkers.




As we learned in this episode, the White Walkers were brought to life by the Children of the Forest, to use them during their fight against the First Men. Little did they know that these blue – eyed creatures would turn against them itself. In the dark, cold Long Night, which lasted over a generation, they rose and rose. They came from the northern part of Westeros and killed everyone in their way. The dead were brought to life as wights and they joined the ever – increasing army. The Westeros managed to resist them from reaching farther south ( War of the Dawn) , and thus the Wall came into being.


After years of Summer, most believe that the White Walkers are nothing but a myth. But the wildlings and the Night’s Watch know better. This ice needs a fire to stop. A lord who believes in fire. An army that can breathe fire. And weapons that are made of fire.


Okay, I moved into the fan theory territory in the last 3 lines.



Not only a favourite scene, but it was possible one of the best moments in the entire show. It is what made Hardhome so great – since we don’t know much about the White Walkers and what might harm them, their entry brings you the chill ( yes, pun intended ). I hoped for Bran to show some extraordinary power and kill at least one of those icy bastards. Hard luck. Anyways, it was legendary. Better than Jon coming back, I’d say.



Hold the Door


Holy hell. This beats all the witty lines said by the new Red Priestess on the house. Period.