GoT6: E03 – The Master Of Whisperers

After two back-to-back shocking episodes, this one had to take a backseat. But that’s not to say the episode was boring by any means.




Kill the boy, and let the man be born

Jon Snow has followed Maester Aemon’s advice. He has killed his inner “boy”, by hanging young Olly and leaves the night’s watch for good. He doesn’t see a future at Castle Black anymore. So is he an oathbreaker now? Not technically. The oath of the Night’s Watch goes-

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.

Well, he did die!




But for me, that wasn’t the most interesting part. It was the long awaited Tower Of Joy scene that we finally saw on screen. Many, just like me, must have speculated that the L+R=J theory would finally come true!


It is the most famous and genuine theory revolving the story, that claims Jon (J) is actually the son of Lyanna Stark (L, Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen (R). I won’t go on explaining further, just click here if you are interested to know more. But the bottom line is, the Three-Eyed raven didn’t let us into the past further to meet Lyanna. What is happening in that tower? How could young Ned hear the voice of Bran? And is that young guy playing Ned related to Sean Benn by any means? They look so similar!

The episode also gave me a huge relief by letting me know that one of my favourite characters won’t be dying soon. Yes, as you must have guessed from the title, its Varys.


I have been rooting for Varys from quite early on. It is in the scene where he meets Ned when he was imprisoned, that gave some whiter shades to this grey character. The two ex-small council members: Varys and Littlefinger are proving to be playing the real “Game Of Thrones” here. While the latter is tryig to bring chaos, the former is trying his best to “keep the realm safe.”

His objective has always been that- protection of the realm. He remained friends with all, used his little birds (very interesting revelation there too!) wisely and always gave the right counsel. He is also one of the few major characters who has never killed (or ordered to kill anyone) for his benefit. But that’s not to say he is all goody two-shoes. In season 3, he revealed his story on how a slave from the Free Cities of Lys went on to become a a part of the small council. We came to know to what extent can this man go to seek revenge. The man responsible for burning Varys’ genitals has been kept in a crate for years, without anyone knowing. Even in this episode, the way he approaches the girl who helped Sons of the Harpy treads over the silver lining- between being not too threatening but still instilling fear in her mind.


Lately, after his entry in Mereen, he doesn’t seem to be doing much other than appearing as a sidekick to Tyrion. I feared he’s going to be next in the death note. But seems that the makers do have a plot planned out for him. And whenever he is been given that, Varys is always in his top form, like in this episode. His spider connection is strong, even when so far away from Westeros (he finds out the men behind funding Sons of the Harpy).

I think Varys is one of the best characters on the show. And his death would lead into much bigger consequences than one would imagine.

So let’s just hope Lord Varys and his “little birds” would never leave us!




The Tower Of Joy scene. Yes, nothing much happened there. But while watching  it, one didn’t knew it and we were on our edge of our seats to see what would happen next. It also momentarily brought our beloved Lord Stark back!



Jon, to Davos: I failed.

To which Davos replies:


Good. Now go fail again.

If only we got such an answer from our parents some day!