TVT: GoT Special!

I am finally making it public now- I am a BIG fan of this fantastical world that R R Martin has built. Just a year before I knew nothing about this show, or the novels. Today, Westeros and its characters have become a part of my daily life. I’ve laughed, cried, stayed awed and shocked throughout this journey. The way Martin creates the world and the characters and the way Benioff and Weiss adapt it to the small screen is legendary, to say the least.


I watched each episode of the series with rapt attention and went on to the novels to read the relevant chapters ( many of the fan pages were of big help). I am well aware of the character, the houses, the traditions, the culture and the various plot points of this great “Song of Ice and Fire”. It is only recently that I stopped reading and went on watching season 5 just to catch up with season 6. There is so much to speak about this world, this novel and this show that it could alone fill my blog posts from now on! But that won’t be happening.


After each episode releases, I will make a new post discussing about that episode within two days. This will be less of a review and more of a comment on any character, plot, place or production stories that comes to my mind after watching that particular episode. My regular weekly posts won’t stop, though. This will be in addition to the regular posts. There is a lot of things planned there too and I don’t want to compromise on that.


Needless to say, every GoT post would contain spoilers. This is not for beginners to know more about the show/novel. And nor is it for someone to know how the episode is, before watching it. If you are one of them, don’t blame me if I give away some important plot points! And though I know a lot more than a show-only audience, I am still not as knowledgeable as many worldwide. I may give some facts wrong or there may be a lot of things that I’m unaware of. I would like other fans to correct me if I’m wrong.


With so many written materials that are sure to follow once the biggest TV show of the world starts, this would be very different from all others. We will be re-exploring the depths of the world that George R  R Martin has created, and see it through the lens of HBO and its team.


See you again soon. Valar Morghulis.