Last year, as a responsible student of MIT, I helped many of my future juniors on knowing about our college. It was great interacting with many people and making so many friends online (irrespective of whether they joined the college or not). It was also one of the more productive things I did during my summer break.

That was my first year. Now, I have completed second year and I don’t really want to go through all of it again. I get the same type of questions, which I get tired of answering.

If you are one of those having some questions, don’t take it at heart, you guys. I still want to help you! So I have made a list of 50 questions that are asked to me frequently.

Okay, I won’t talk a lot because this is already a long post to read. Let’s start-


I got XXXX rank. Can I get Y branch? What are my chances?

I’ve realized this last time that the prediction cannot be done based on the previous data. They are not very reliable, so no one can really tell whether you will get the branch of your choice.

Here’s a (very) rough estimate of the rank (in General category) that you need to get into every branch. This is considering all possible rounds of counseling.

Computer Science: Very tough to get in. May go upto 2000-3000
Mechanical, Electronics and Communication, Information Technology, Computer and Communication: Can expect in the range of 4000-6000
Chemical, Electrical and Electronics, Mechatronics: A little lower-somewhere between 8000-10000
Aeronautical, Automobile: Specialized branches, hence expect a cut off of 10000-12000
Civil, Instrumentation and Control, Industrial and Production: The second options of not the core branches. They can easily sail through 15000.
Printing and Media, Biomedical, Biotechnical: Last branches to be filled up. Somewhere around 20000-25000
Please don’t just rely on this. Fate might have a strong role to play too!

Which are the best branches to join?

Mechanical, Electronics &Communications, Electrical & Electronics, Mechatronics and the three IT branches- Computer Science, Information Technology, and Computer & Communication are the ones that are most preferred.

How is this Y branch?

Since I study in just one branch (that is Electrical and Electronics), I can’t speak of the other branches. The cut off list itself will give you an idea of how they rank among other branches.
In short, Electrical and Electronics is a very decent branch, with some of the coolest faculty (everyone agrees to it!) and well defined course structure. If you have the interest and the rank, do not hesitate to take it.

Is Manipal better than XYZ college?

If you compare MIT with the top IITs/NITs you know the answer. If you compare it with the local college across your street, you know the answer to that as well.
The problem arises when you comparisons are made between any colleges that fall between these extremes. Any student from MIT would say his college is the best, and same would be the reaction from students from the other college. This will leave you in bigger dilemma.
Instead of finding which college is better, find the one that fits your bill.

Will I get placed if I join MIT?

Valid question, but not fit for an answer as of now. There are too many factors to be considered for a particular person. In general if I’d say, then yes, you can get placed with a decent job after completing your college.

How is the faculty?

I can go on saying that this branch has the best faculty and that branch doesn’t. But ultimately, once you’ve joined here, that wouldn’t really matter. Trust me. If the faculty isn’t good there are thousands of books in the library to refer to. Or you can ask them doubts personally which would be more helpful. You will find some that are absolute gem and you’ll thank God to have sent them to teach you. But there are some others to negate this goodness.

Should I attend the orientation?

If possible, then please do. It can be painful to go through the admission process later. During this time, you can explore the campus, the college and the town.


How will the class schedule be? Will I get free time?

Thanks to the university being deemed, the college timings are quite relaxing. There will be a maximum of 4 classes per day and twice-a-week lab of 3 hours (these vary once you complete your first year and study at your respective department). You will have either the morning shift (8:00 AM to 12:30 PM) or the afternoon one (1:00 PM to 5:30PM). So yes, you will get an ample of free time.

How often do we get holidays?

University holidays are very rare, but they make up for it by giving long sem breaks! There are hardly any holidays in the even sem.
The winter break starts from Dec first week till mid Jan. And the summer break starts from mid May to the end of July.

How tough is the syllabus/curriculum?

Not too tough, not too easy. Again, that would vary from branch-to-branch. You can’t live peacefully in my branch (EEE) without preparing for the exams throughout the semester. The first year though is the same. The Physics cycle is easier than the Chemistry cycle.

Look at the end for links to study guides made for the first years.

If I don’t like my branch, can I change it after 1st year?
Yes. Now this might have brought a broad smile to many. But people who actually manage to get their branch changed is very few. Out of 2000, just about a 100 get upgraded. Of course, the upgradation depends on your academic performance in the first year.
So please don’t opt for a branch in which you’re not at all interested with the false hope that you have the chance to upgrade.

Should I revise the 12th portion for the first year studies?

Not necessary. If some of your old books are lying there unused, then bring them just in case you need to revise any concept. If there is any doubt,an internet connection and an excellent library is there at your disposal always!

Should I bring the engineering books from my place or do we get them there?

Of course you get them here. I would recommend to first look for whether the pdf of the book is available online. If not, then rent a book at the Kamath Book Store and return them after sem ends and get half the price back.

Is a coaching class required to score well?

Once you start studying here, you will realize how funny this question can be! But I’ve had many people ask this question before so let me be clear again- NO.

What is the marking scheme for courses?
Each and every course you do here will be divided into- 50 internals and 50 externals
Internals would contain 5 assignement quizzes (you need to answer questions based on the assignment given) of 4 marks each. And there would be two sessionals (aka unit tests) for 15 marks each. The end term exams will be of 50 marks.


What do people do in free time?

Varies from person to person. Some hyper-active people join a lot of technical/non-technical clubs and work there, while some just simply lie in their rooms with their laptop. Of course, there are those rare people who would study too.

Which are the fests that MIT organizes? How are they?

MIT organizes two fests- Tech Tatva, the technical fest during the odd sems and Revels, the cultural fest during the even sems.
Both fests are a great platform to showcase your skills. Though always it is Revels that gets major attraction. It is held on a bigger scale and easily outnumbers Tech Tatva in terms of number of events, outstation participations and budget.
Tech Tatva is nowhere bad though. You can learn a lot in those 4 days what you don’t get to learn inside the classroom.

Engineering is fine, but I also have an interest in arts (writing, acting, filmmaking, dancing, singing). Can I pursue that along with the studies?
MIT is the perfect place for you. The dance clubs, drama clubs and media body have exceptionally talented people and get major appreciation from the college. Your studies may get affected if you join them, given their schedules for rehearsals. But that would hone your talent, and, who knows, may even lead you to an alternative career!

Which clubs should I join?

Just to make it clear, I am not in any of the clubs here- neither as a member, nor as a working committee. So these suggestions are completely unbiased.
There are many clubs across every field of interest imaginable. New ones pop up every sem and some get shut down too. The top ones are:
IECSE-the coder’s club
Aaina– A theatrical club
MTTN, The Post– Media bodies. The latter is the official media body of the college
RedX– Adventure club
MAFIA (Music and Fine Arts)– for your singing, dancing skills
IE-E&C, R&C: Electronics based clubs
Leaders of Tomorrow, L&D– Literary clubs
There are various startups and the student projects ( you must be knowing of it already) that you can join too.
If you want to test how good your interview skills are, go for the IAESTE recruitments.


Is the infra as good as it is said?

No doubt, the campus will blow your mind when you see it for the first time. Your chances of choosing the college increases manifold once you reach here. But naturally you stop being at awe of it when you are bound to see it everyday.
The labs, classes, hostels and the messes are maintained quite well. You are paying the fees, so you get its worth.

Is there a free wi-fi all around the campus?

Yes. A company called iOn has teamed up with the university to give Wi-fi access across the campus. Every MU student gets 40GB of free internet with 1Mbps speed. You can upgrade your pack for a paid package of 5 Mbps. The connection is much criticized, but lately they have improved a lot.

Do we get laptops (for free)? If yes, then which one?

Yes, you do. You will get it within 15 days after your college starts. The laptop that I got was HP Probook 440 G2. The next batch got the same laptop, possibly with an upgraded chip.
Don’t keep high hopes though. The laptop may have lots of problems. They should get solved if you visit the service center.

How are the hostels?

If you keep your expectations based on how you’ve seen college hostels in TV shows and movies, then the ones here will easily surpass them! All the hostels here are quite decent. With 24 hours of water and electricity, decent hygiene and a less strict rules (except for the perm time, especially for 1st years and girls) the hostels here are good enough. The price though is bit on a higher side if compared to the living cost outside the campus.
But I would suggest, at least for the first year to be on the safer side and opt for hostels if the place is new to you. It would also help you make lots of friends and be in a student environment. Since you won’t be with your family , you don’t want to add to the loneliness!

Which mess is the best?

Unfortunately, for the first years, you have no option but to be a member of the Food Court (FC). It is the biggest mess, air conditioned and closest to the academic blocks. The people here have really high hygiene standards which means you get everything boiled here. Which also means the food isn’t what you call “tasty”.
That kind of food is found in Annapoorna Mess. The food there is closest it can get to the home-cooked food. It has its own flaws though. Very bad ventilations and the food can sometimes be too oily.
But that is to worry for next year. For now FC should serve the purpose. A bit expensive, but has a nice ambience and helps you stay healthy.

Are there enough hangout spots?

Manipal is never short of hangout spots. Beaches, clubs, restaurants, multiplex- you name it and Manipal has it. Just with the exception of Malls. For that you need to head to Mangalore which is over 1.5 hours away.

How is the nightlife?

I would be the last person to answer that question. With whatever I have come to know from my friends who regularly go partying, it is quite good actually. The infamous DeeTee is the best place.

Do all students smoke/drink here?

Not all, obviously. Contrary to the belief that MIT is filled with smokers and drug addicts, students not doing it are large in numbers too (including me). It all boils down to whether you personally want to make that choice. Peer pressure might be there, but if you have the will you can get past that.

[Only for boys] How’s the girl scene in there?

I’ve got this question from quite many guys! Of course you are not making your college choice based on this. I’d just say that there are many pretty people seen around- men and women alike.

How will I adjust in such a diverse crowd?

Initially, it will be a culture shock for you to meet people with such different background, mindsets and cultures sitting in the same classrooms as yours. But give it a month or two. Of course, you will be close to people you mostly relate to. But you would also get to meet really interesting people everywhere!

Is ragging prevalent in MIT?

Not at all. In fact, seniors aren’t even allowed to interact with the first years for the first few weeks. There is zero ragging in the campus.
Though I would like to point out that some freshmen themselves act as seniors and try ragging their batchmates in the hostels. Remember- no sane senior student would enter your hostel block. The entire building is filled only with freshers. If someone claims to be a senior, they are faking it.

How are the festival celebrations there?

I love the fact that the student council organizes the celebrations of all the major festivals. You might miss home for a moment, but you’ll be fine later when you would be enjoying with your friends. This time, the Holi went terrible though, because we had
sessionals just after 2 days!

Should I know Kannada to adjust to the place?

No. Almost 75% of the people studying here have no relation with Karnataka whatsoever. The shopkeepers and autowallas here speak Hindi and English, for them to adjust to us!
Language can become a barrier though, if you step outside Manipal or want to hear what the teachers are gossiping about (yes, almost all faculties here are local).

How far is the campus from the nearest railway station/city?

Udupi is the nearest railway station which is about 15-20 min drive away from the campus.
Mangalore is the nearest city and airport. If you don’t get a direct train to Udupi, look for Mangalore trains. That is 1.5 hours away.

How expensive is manipal?

I sometimes think the reason behind the name of the place is because it’s Money’s pal! Yes, it costs a bomb to travel by auto, to eat at a decent place out, to watch a movie, to stay in a hotel…well you get my point. But I’d say most of them are avoidable. You can walk to most of the places, watch out on your splurges and make time for a mattinee show. Keep a track on your expenses. That will give you an idea on how much you should be going out.

Are there any functional ATMs in the campus?

There are 4 ATMs in our campus, two of which are SBI because every student is made to have an SBI account. They are functional sometimes, and sometimes they aren’t. You have a Syndicate bank (owned by the Pai guys themselves) and an ICICI ATM to rely on these days. None are near the hostels though.So no need of bringing much cash from home.

Which type of hostel room should I opt for?

For details on the types of rooms available and their rates, visit here.
It is completely your choice. Any type of room you choose, they won’t disappoint you. If you ask me, go for AC rooms if you can afford it.

How to get a perfect roommate?

If you don’t have a known person applying for the rooms, then there is no way to get a roommate of your choice. You will either get best friend for your life or the worst person you’ll ever meet. You can apply for a room change later if things don’t work.
All you can do is try hard to find some distant cousin or distant friend joining the college. Someone you already know about.

Will I have to do the laundry on my own?

No. Laundry services are available at the hostels, though it can be a bit expensive.

Will there be TV? What would I watch there for entertainment?

There is TV room, yes. But they are opened only when there is a major sports event going on. Your laptop is your entertainment. There are many like me who used to never watch American TV shows but started watching it here. You will too. Believe me.

How far is the hostel from the college building(s)?

Depends on which hostel you choose. Some are very near, and may are far away. By far away I mean a good 15-minutes walking distance.
Yes, a major headache here, considering you’ve to travel in a scorching heat,under a burning sun.

Should I buy/bring a cycle for the commute?

Cycles are a viable option. You can bring yours or buy one here. But if you do plan to buy, buy it in the first year itself so that you can make a good use of it for the 3.5-4 years.

How is the weather there?

Right now I’m typing this with a towel in my hand, in a non-AC room. During the odd sem, the monsoons make the climate bearable. But this beast called summer wears you down. Thank goodness for the AC classrooms and a electricity that never shuts down.

I am interested in sports. What about the sports facilities?

MARENA, the indoor sports complex of the university is a heaven for sports enthusiasts. That and some of the recreation clubs present inside the campus would cover all the major sports. There is the MIT Swimming pool too. The campus sports facilities are at a cheaper price, but the MARENA membership can cost you over 1.5K a month.

I am a movie buff. Is there a theater to watch the latest releases?

There’s an Inox here, the lifeline for many people. But the problem with just one multiplex is you won’t get seats in the weekend for big films. There’s equal craze for Hollywood, Bollywood and South Cinema, and all of them are screened here. The prices escalate during the weekend, but weekday prices are reasonable.

I love online shopping. Do people from Flipkart, Amazon, etc. come to the rooms for delivery?

Manipal may well be the biggest customers of these shopping websites. They don’t deliver to your rooms, but all the parcels (including the courier ones) arrive at a particular spot in campus from where you can collect them.

Is there any shopping mall in Manipal?
Sadly, no. You need to go to Mangalore for that.

I visit temples often. Is there a temple nearby?
The significance of Udupi Krishna Mutt is very well known. Apart from that, the VenGopal Temple (VGT) in the campus is the place you can visit any given time. A Shiv temple has been renovated just outside the main gate of the campus and is worth a visit too.

Are we allowed to use mobile phones in classrooms?
Of course not!
*Looks around. No one looking at me.*
Of course you can. Even though there are just 4 hours of lectures, they can still be torturous sometimes. Not that I recommend doing that. I prefer not to use the cellphone myself. But yes, you can use them.


How should I convince my parents that MIT is a good choice?

It is tough, considering the (wrong) reputation of the college being a haven for drug and alcohol addicts. The fees can be a bummer too.
I think it is more important for you to be utterly convinced about the college being the right choice. Some people don’t even think of taking an admission here, just because “their parents will say no” . You should approach them and confidently say that Manipal is where you really want to be at.
To gain that confidence, you must decide by reading whatever I’ve written above or whatever further research you do. Ask people you know of who are currently studying or have passed out of MIT. Make them speak to your parents if they are close to you.

Is the high fees worth it?

Yes, you pay a lot to be here. But you get the quality of education, quality of life.
Branch does matter. But you can exceed in any branch you’re in, as far as you have the determination in you and an interest in the branch.
This being a private college has its reasons for asking that amount of money from you. And if you ask me, it is worth it.

Do keep this page bookmarked. You need it till you join your college! And share it with your other friends who are thinking of joining MIT.
Best of luck!


With admission now done, then what about the studies? How are the courses and how to study them?

To help you understand that, I have made The Guide To Survive for Physics cycle here and Chemistry cycle here.