Indian politics is a messy place, with too much of politicians to keep a track on. This new monthly column will feature one of these high profile figures. Right from their career highs to the mistakes they have done-everything will be discussed in brief. So that you are well informed for the coffee table/water cooler conversations next time!
There are two reasons why I chose to make the first report on be Gandhi over anyone else. Firstly, he is one of the most famous politicians today (what is he famous for, doesn’t matter) so there’s no need to explain everything about him. And secondly, this one won’t be as serious as this column is supposed to be.
Why to act like a common man when you are obviously not? Why not take sensible measures instead of half hearted protests?

Which in itself describes how much is this genX Gandhi taken seriously. It has been almost two years since Congress, under Rahul as its prime ministerial candidate, saw its biggest defeat in Assembly polls. The party which has always been run by the Nehrus and the Gandhis for 130 years lost to its biggest rivals, the BJP. What do you do after a defeat? Look within and try to improve yourself for the next fight, right? But not Rahul. He spends day and night picking a small issue, calling the media and criticizing the PM Narendra Modi for it. Be it a crores worth of personalized suit or a bunch of college students putting anti-national slogans, he blames the present government (more specifically Modi) and critcizes them for being “ignorant” and having a “lack of action”.


rahul quotes
The Mark Twain quote famously used for him- “It’s better to keep your mouth closed & let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”


One may argue that this is what oppositions are for. True. Every politician does that. But his reasons, statements and lack of proof shows his immaturity towards politics. He is arguably one of the most powerful persons in the country. But neither his personality, nor his actions command the attention that he should get. His speeches are scripted and monotonous, fumbles (a lot) while giving them. He simply doesn’t carry the aura that a politico is known for. His background is far from being humble and has studied from the ivy league schools with influences. So it becomes hard to believe when he says that the present government is a “suit-boot ki sarkar“. We are never been clear about his idea and vision for India, for his reluctance to give interviews. The few ones that he did gave were big blunders.

rahul tweets
This is just the better half of Rahul’s twitter timeline. The other half is filled with posts against Modi.


Going by the numbers, his profile isn’t bad for someone who has been in the scene for 10 years. He has contested twice for the family favorite constitution of Amethi (UP) and has won with a tremendous margin both the times. So whatever the criticism may be, one can’t deny the genetic prowess he possesses. He was made the Chairperson of Indian Youth Congress, which grew massively since Gandhi took charge. His foray into twitter (@OfficeOfRG) at least helped to keep a track on all the work he did besides blaming the government.


Dreaming about India, huh?


But the question remains- What does he have it in him that would make us forget about the various shortcomings of his party and trust him for the position of PM? Various editorials have suggested him time and over to step down and put any of the various party veterans to the forefront. He should move over accusations, protests and blocking of parliament and do some serious groundwork in order to save the party from sinking further. Blaming the government and opposing their every move would invite more trouble to him and Congress rather than fixing some. When we have a PM who works day and night and gives inspiring speeches, a man who sleeps in the parliament and makes embarrassing goof-ups cannot stand a chance to win. He has to get over the image of “Pappu” and show the traits of his predecessors to win back India.


Which, at this point of time, seems impossible. 
Will any post about Rahul be complete without a Pappu video ? Here’s a Thug Life compilation. Enjoy!
P.S Seriously Pappu (er..I mean Rahul), avoid being a comedian. We already have many professional ones.